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of this campaign. >> one other thing i wanted to bring up about health care is according to the new cnn poll, by 50-49, people agree with the supreme court decision so the country is evenly split which is basically a blank slate that either side can try to bring to bear. >> it's a cliche, but i think this issue was so thoroughly litigated in the court of public opinion two years ago that it's all sorted out. i think the president, it's factored into the stock price against the president. i think what the supreme court was going to decide wasn't going to make a whole lot of difference to most voters. they already formed opinions on health care. >> mitt romney and ann romney, when you talked about trying to flesh out who is this guy and does he share your values, mitt romney and ann romney jet skiing, i assume in new hampshire, so you can see that probably the best thing that he's got going for him is ann romney, who is out on the cover of "usa today" today talking about her struggle against m.s. and she's going to be writing a book, she says, about that. not about politics but about her health issu
the president's health care law last month. scalia told cnn's piers morgan that reports of a falling out are overblown. >> i haven't had a falling out with justice roberts. >> no words exchanged, slamming of doors? >> no, no. >> nothing like that? >> nothing like that. >> best buddies? >> why best buddy, boehner, ginsburg has ever been. >> they may disafree on the law. what draws he and ginsburg together, they love of opera. >>> strikes around the london olympics could cause major disruptions for people trying to make it to the games. the british union warned they risk a public backlash if the strikes take place. >>> philadelphia are questioning a so-called person of interest in this disturbing kidnapping attempt captured on surveillance video in broad daylight on tuesday. see the man trying to grab a 10-year-old girl just blocks from her home. she fought him. she fell down. he tried to grab her a second time. then he was scared away by the screams of the girl's 2-year-old brother. police say the little girl has identified the suspect in custody. amazing. >>> and up next, veto. russia an
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)